Spring has Sprung…

As the daffodils begin to bloom at Dunglass Estate, what better time to talk bridal bouquets and wedding florists? Soft and subtle to wild and dramatic, flowers can play a big part of your day, from button holes and wedding bouquet flowers to full scale venue installations and floral arrangements.

At Dunglass, couples have use of our onsite Church, Stable Yard and Pavilion, all of which can be dressed to suit personal tastes. We work with wedding suppliers directly to help ensure any vision is realised to full effect.

We are also always happy to suggest a number of our trusted suppliers who we have worked with often and know our venue well. One of which is the talented team at Tupelo Tree. We love their considered approach to floristry, which reflects the seasons and surrounding nature.

A Scottish touch… 

Natasha, founder and one half of Tupelo Tree, explains, Our style very much focuses on warm, sometimes quite moody colours. As sustainable florists, we want to ensure our environmental impact is as little as possible. We try to use local and seasonal flowers, rather than importing – there are so many incredible native options to choose from!”

As an East Lothian Wedding Venue, Dunglass Estate situated in gorgeous Scottish countryside with the added luxury of coastal, sea views too, there is much inspiration to draw from.

We also forage a lot of what we use from the local area” says Natasha, adding responsibly of course, using fallen branches and trees where possible (and when cutting from trees, we cut mindfully and correctly to promote healthy growth)!”

From experience, Natasha acknowledges that couples often like a Scottish touch, something we also find with both Scottish dwellers and those eloping alike.

Our native thistle is the slightly plumper, more pinky/purple thistle which is really lovely to use but often confused with the more common, Blue Eryngium which isnt actually native to Scotland. A lot of the couples we work with are keen to bring a very natural, woodland style to their wedding which is what we love to do!”

sustainable wedding florist design at Dunglass

Bringing the outdoors in…

At Dunglass, we have the option of our newly renovated Stable Yard or our stunning 15th Century Gothic Church for the ceremony. The Church itself sits perfectly in half ruin with open air, sea views offering history, character and the ability to transform.

At Tupelo Tree, we are forever creating anything from miniature woodland settings based on Scottish scenes to wild woodland canopies foraged from forests nearby for our couples. This year, lots of weddings are looking to transform their venues, creating an overgrown, almost abandoned look, which is really magical for us to do.”

From our gorgeous pavilion with large scale windows overlooking the estate to our indoor/outdoor stable yard and hilltop church and cosy star lit fire pit, Dunglass is all about embracing nature and location in all spaces – something Tupelo Tree values too.

Anything woodland, rustic, foraged and wild! We love everything woodland-y… wild foraged greens, fresh moss, branches, delicate flowers – huge flowers, crazy messy bouquets and canopies of green that frame a perfect wedding ceremony! Basically bringing the outdoors in.” – Sounds good to us!

Realising a dream wedding…

After a challenging few years for weddings, couples along with their venue and suppliers are keen to realise their dream day. Whether this be a smaller more intimate wedding or going all out with a big celebration, couples as always are looking for a day that reflects their individuality and works for them.

For floristry, Natasha comments that this year, couples are looking for a slightly cleaner and simpler palette when it comes to florals, teaming these colours with lots of lush, wild foliage. Contemporary is a buzz word we hear often but Natasha believes this to be subjective. For some, this can mean simple but for others it can mean something very natural, wild and grown locally.

Personally, we love the style of traditional 1920s cascading bouquets and would like to see more of this coming back – they typically have the natural, trailing look we love and feature lots of beautiful local, seasonal florals and lots of long ribbons too. They are just epic and make such a statement as part of a bridal look.”

For more wonderfully wild inspiration from Tupelo Tree, please visit them here.

If you are wedding planning and would like to know more about Dunglass Estate and our various packages, or any of our suppliers, please email [email protected] or download a brochure here.

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