Wedding Etiquette: 3 Quick Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Etiquette: 3 Quick Dos and Don’ts

There are lots of guides out there giving advice on wedding etiquette. Here are 3 dos and 3 don’ts that we think are the most important.


…Remember to mingle

Weddings are such happy occasions, and everyone is in good spirits. Use this as a chance to have fun, meet some new people and chat to the couple’s relatives – it’s always lovely for them to hear guests are enjoying the occasion.

…Drink responsibly

It’s the perfect occasion to enjoy champagne in the sunshine, but try not to overdo it. You want to remember the day after all!

…Thank the bride and groom

It will have been a whirlwind of a day for the happy couple, but a quick ‘thank you’ will always be appreciated. Let them know you’ve enjoyed celebrating with them and wish them well.


…Wear white.

This is an obvious one, but it happens. It’s sometimes difficult to resist buying a fresh white dress, especially in the summer months, but best not to let people think you’re upstaging the bride – however non-bridal it is. If you like paler colours, go for pastels, or a more bold colour or pattern.

…Leave before the cake is cut

The cutting of the cake signifies a closing point for the day, and is an acceptable time to head home…unless of course the party’s just getting started and you want to carry on celebrating!

...Share wedding photos – until you’re sure it’s ok!

Of course you want to take lots of photos of such a happy day. But it’s a good idea to wait until the couple post their own pictures, then they get the pleasure of the ‘big reveal’ on social media! Of course, some couples like to share live updates of their special day using hashtags – if this is the case, don’t let your snapping get in the way of you enjoying the moment.


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