Would you have a cheese wedding cake?

Would you have a cheese wedding cake?

We’re always looking out for the latest wedding trends and we’ve seen a big increase in Cheese Wedding Cakes over the last couple of years. Just last Saturday, we served a wedding cake made of cheese, with chutneys and crackers – supplied by The Cheese Shed.

We chatted with Ian from The Cheese Shed to find out more:




Image credit: thecheeseshed.com

Why are couples choosing cheese wedding cakes?

People choose them because they want something a bit different, because they aren’t wild about fruit cake … or because they just love cheese and want to get some visual value out of the cheese course. Decorate a cheese cake well and it’ll be stunning, the centre of attention.


How did The Cheese Shed get started?

So, cheese wedding cakes are something we’ve been doing since the Cheese Shed started in 2006. They’re a great way of presenting a

Image Credit: thecheeseshed.com

cheese course in an exciting and theatrical way, but sometimes they actually replace the traditional fruit cake: so the cheese cake is the wedding cake. People often say they’re much more enthusiastic about cheese than about cake … so they get very excited about it.

Can a tower of cheese really replace a wedding cake?
With the sort of ‘real’ artisan cheese which we specialise in, the colours and textures of the cheese rinds make this something which looks spectacular as well as being great to eat. Another bonus is that it’s so simple – we’re literally just talking about a stack of cheeses, piled up in size order to make a pyramid shape. Then it gets decorated – with flowers, leaves, fruit – and the results can range from simple and rustic to glamorous and sophisticated (no, really!)

How many guests will a Cheese wedding cake feed?
We sell a range of ‘off the peg’ cheese cakes to feed numbers all the way up to 150, but have also developed the unique Cakebuilder, an online tool which enables people to design and build their own cheese cake online.

Cheese wedding cakes – would you have one?

For more information about cheese wedding cakes from The Cheese Shed, hop on over to their website: www.thecheeseshed.com and chat to Ian.

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