How to Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Choosing your colour scheme is a major part of the planning for your big day. Once you have your wedding colours, all other decisions seem fairly straightforward!

The complexity or simplicity of the colours you choose is down to your personal taste as a couple. One great consideration is the season you’re having your wedding in. Sunflowers are always stunning in summer, as are daffodils and tulips in spring. Why not let mother-nature guide you with natural beautiful complimentary colours?

Another popular theme is to use your favourite colour. If you’ve been in love with baby pink or lemon yellow since you were little, this is a good place to begin. You can tastefully incorporate any colour into your wedding decorations by picking the right hue and marrying it with the right accents.

Try looking at colour inspiration or mood boards to give you some inspiration, like on our Pinterest. You can also use paint colour charts to help you match the beautiful hues and to get subtle shade variations.

Your colour theme can be seamlessly incorporated in to the bridesmaid dresses and wedding bouquets along with the groomsmen and table centrepieces. Use your colour theme on the invitations, your place cards, in the flower girl’s hair and on your wedding cake.

It’s best not to overdo it. There should be enough colour that your chosen palette is clear but no so much that it’s take the focus away from the celebration of both you sharing your love. If you find the idea of a colour theme overwhelming, go with a different theme, e.g. rustic. This way you don’t have to worry about colours co-coordinating, as long as everything goes with the theme you’ve chosen.

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