What if it rains on my wedding day?

What if it rains on my wedding day?

This is a question Grahame Smith of  GWS Photography, suggests all couples-to-be consider when thinking about their wedding photographs, commenting:

A photographer will have Plan B ready, sometimes even Plan C in the event of bad weather, but just make sure you are too. It’s great to plan gorgeous photo ideas, but you might be left having all the photos in a hotel lobby if the venues chosen don’t have access to somewhere to go for photos.

Some venues have great places to go inside that can accommodate for the family photos and some nice bride & groom shots, but others might not offer a good choice. We’ve done a few weddings where we’ve pre-booked another place to go inside for a wet weather plan.

I treat every wedding day with respect & as if it was the only wedding I was shooting that year. It’s a big big day and it’s important for me to do my job right and I always feel humbled to be a part of the day. Being a part of a couple’s special day is a real honour, to be able to capture some of the emotion & joy that the bride & groom feel throughout the day is my priority for each wedding I cover.

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