What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Sadly, we can’t control the Scottish weather – as such, we strongly advise all our couples to ensure that they have appropriate wedding insurance in place, just in case.

On a more reassuring note – whilst the church is generally watertight, depending on wind direction the inside of the building can become wet. The marquee however is fully watertight – and has heating – and is very close to the church, so your guests won’t be outside for too long.

How much does a taxi from Dunglass cost?

Whilst we can’t give an accurate figure, at the time of writing our local taxi firms estimated that the fare from Dunglass to Dunbar, Innerwick, Cockburnspath and other nearby towns would typically be around £20.

Please bear in mind that we have no influence over fares and that they are likely to change over time, as such we advise you to check with the firm at the time of booking what the charge is likely to be.

Do we have to have everything that you offer in the wedding package?

No, not at all – it’s your day; you do things your way. If you’d like something different, we’ll be delighted to discuss it with you and help you make it happen, the costings will, of course, be adjusted to reflect your requirements.

Can I use my own suppliers?

Of course you can. We do, however, for your own peace of mind, ask that you ensure that such suppliers have the appropriate licences and insurance in place. We also recommend that you make sure you’re totally happy with the levels of service they provide and that you check their references etc – we’d hate your special day to be less special because someone’s let you down.

One of our guests has special dietary needs, what should we do?

Our recommended caterers can adapt their menus to accommodate food allergies and dietary requirements; however, you will need to discuss this with them to ensure that they understand the exact needs of your guests.


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