6 Top Wedding Tips

6 Top Wedding Tips

We asked six of our preferred suppliers to give us their most important wedding planning tips. If you would like more wedding tips and ideas, come along to our Wedding Showcase on Sunday 12th April from 11am-3pm and ask them yourself!

1. Ask the officiant to announce no photos during the ceremony. More and more people take pics with tablets etc. leaning into the aisle. They should be “there in the moment.” Not looking at their phones. That’s why you’ve hired a professional photographer after all.
Derek Christie

2. One tip would be “do it for yourselves” couples shouldn’t stress out about who to invite (or not) and make their big day for themselves.
GWS Photography

3. Our top tip for flowers at weddings is to think about balancing the scale of your floral venue decorations with the size of the venue itself. For example, if your reception party is going to be in a marquee holding 300 guests, then don’t decorate it with all tiny details such as jam jars and tealights because these will be lost, simply because they are not impactful enough in a big space. Likewise, if your venue is smaller (i.e. a restaurant), don’t use huge flowers because it risks looking crowded and messy. We always suggest tall table decorations for big spaces, and saving delicate, smaller designs for somewhere more intimate.

4. The biggest tip I would give a couple it to pick the wine they like and not something to please difficult guests. Sometimes a couple will try and get the in-laws, maids of honour, distant aunties involved etc…..Basically, the more people that are involved the harder it becomes. Everyone has their favourite…  It’s the couples day so ultimately, it is their decision. They should pick the wine they like the most.
Majestic Wine

5. The advice I would give to couples planning their wedding is to trust in their suppliers – if you hire good suppliers they will do a great job and allow you to relax and enjoy the run-up to the big day!
Liggy’s Cakes

6. My advice to couples planning their wedding is to take the time to ensure they are happy with their wedding suppliers. There’s lots to think about but making a list of what you need and who you would like to provide it is key to being organised. And ENJOY. Most importantly, enjoy the experience.
Natalie – Makeup Artist



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