5 things you need for an outdoor wedding

5 things you need for an outdoor wedding

Are you attending an outdoor wedding this summer? Whether it’s a garden wedding, marquee venue, or romantic outdoor grotto, we’ve put together a list of 5 things you might not think to take!

Here’s our outdoor summer wedding kit:


1.Throws -let’s face it, this is Scotland and it can get chilly at any moment – come prepared with a throw or shawl.

2. Sunscreen – even if it’s not a blazing hot day, you can still burn. Don’t forget the kids too!

3. Parasols – keep the sun off your face and stay gorgeous and stylish with a pretty parasol

4. Heel protectors – these handy little things can save your favourite shoes. Not only protects your heels but prevents you from slipping on floors

5. Fold-up shoes – a life saver for your shoes and your feet! Also great for dancing the night away at a wedding Ceilidh. Rollable party shoes fit nicely in any handbag. Don’t go to an outdoor wedding without them!




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